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About Vy's Blog:
Vy's Blog is a YA book blog that was started back in February of 2011. I started blogging shortly after I was introduced to YA books thanks to my amazing middle school librarians.

About Vy:
I'm Vy, which is pronounced just like the letter "V". I'm currently living in California as college student of UCI, but will forever call the lovely state of Oregon home.

Looking for my book event pictures? You can find them all here:



  1. Vy, I love this blog!

    What an excellent idea! I'm excited to keep up on this, even after you leave us next year :(

    Keep up the good work! I think you've read more than even I have so far this year :)

  2. began this in! Well, way to go girl! You rock at blogging! Keep it up! I'm pretty new at blogging myself, and I was hoping that you could check my blog out and tell me what you think! I love YA books and review them! Futhermore, I'm only 16...I glad to have found another teenage book blogger!

    Here's the link:

    Thanks and once again great job!

  3. Hi Vy. Just wanted to tell you how cool it is that you have a blog like this. I love YA, although I'm not a teen. I love reading it and writing it, too. I'm always on the search for something new to read. It seems like you can provide some help on that ;o)

  4. Thanks for visiting! Your blog is amazing :)


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