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Recommend An: Author Similar to an Author You Love

Monday, February 17, 2014
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This week's prompt:
Recommend an author similar to an author you love
   Divergent                                 The Darkest Minds                            Blood Red Road
     Insurgent                                        Never Fade                                     Rebel Heart
     Allegiant                                        Untitled #3 (9/14)                            Raging Star (5/14)
So I may have cheated just a bit and added an extra author. I had such a hard time picking authors for this week because there are so many who are fantastic. But then I remembered that many people have been asking for books to read after Divergent as many are preparing for the movie. (ARE YOU AS EXCITED AS I AM?!) How could I pick only ONE author who's writing I love just as much as Veronica Roth's?

Veronica Roth, Alexandra Bracken, and Moira Young all share a fantastic gift of story telling with unique female protagonists. Each leading lady are slowly learning their way around the new world around them, and each have a vulnerability about them that make them connectable. What they also have in common is all of these ladies are complete badasses. Not just physically, but also mentally as they fight to stay alive. The leading ladies are far from perfect, but that just makes them even more interesting.

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  1. Your graphic-making skills never fail to impress me - I love this chart as well as your recommendations! I recently jumped on the Divergent bandwagon and am so happy I did, so I will have to check these other books out.


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