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Saturday, August 17, 2013
For our third and last question for the questionnaire tag, we asked: What do you do outside of blogging? Since I haven't been blogging for a while I decided to make my post about what I've been doing instead of blogging. 

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Thanks for reading our questionnaire tag! This will be the last of the tag, so now I tag all of YOU to answer our questions.

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  1. Ooh, I didn't know you worked at a coffee shop! I'm also a Netflix, Photography, tennis, and cupcake lover, and unsuccessfully learning how to drive. haha! Love this post, Vy!!


  2. Ahh, I'm sad that this is your last question, since I've enjoyed reading these so much!!

    Also, ADORABLE graphic. You have some major skills, girl!

    I seriously WISH I worked in a coffee shop. For some reason, that sounds like the coolest thing ever. I plan on applying to Starbucks when... my parents let me, I guess. ;) Also, the only reason I won't let my parents get Netflix is being I KNOW I'll become super addicted to everything, and it'll be like a black hole. I'm busy enough as it is, and don't need more on top of that! But it is cool you have found a new fandom. :D

    VY, GIRL, PHOTOGRAPHY IS SO YOUR THING. You are SO SO SO good at it, so just keep practicing, and you will get better!! Which is hard to imagine, looking at the caliber of your current pictures, but I'm sure you'll make it happen somehow.

    Also, I have all the jealousy that you have a local cupcakes store AND are learning how to drive, even though it's a bit unsuccessfully. We have one local cupcake store, but it's super expensive and not that great. =P And my parents won't let me get my permit, which is super saddening!

    AWESOME post Vy!! <3 <3

  3. TEEN WOLF! I get excited every single time people say they watch it. I just love it so much (especially Stiles. He's the best!).

    I'm not great at photography either but I'm practising! It isn't helping that I have a really bad camera but I'll do with what I have right? I'm sure you'll get better as you continue, just like with your driving!

    Annie :)

  4. Love this!! It seems like you're quite into a lot of other stuff other than reading/blogging! It also looks like you're quite busy, too. I can't FATHOM working at a job at the moment! (Although the coffee shop looks super nice). Ugh. Driving. no.


    Loved this post, Vy! Thanks for allowing me to participate in the Questionnaire Tag with you and Willa <3

  5. haha. This was super fun to see! :)

    I was not a very good driver when I started either. You will get the hang of it! Just think, you can drive to more cupcake places!! And bookstores! :)

  6. I need to come visit you when you're working. I'm a nice customer! And YES YES YES to joining the Teen Wolf fandom. BECAUSE STILES AND ISAAC AND SCOTT AND LYDIA AND ALLISON AND ISSAC AND STILES. I have a lot of feelings about Daniel Sharman and Dylan O'Brien lol.


  7. I can't FATHOM employed at a job at the moment! .Also, the only reason I won't let my parents get Netflix is being I understand I'll become super obsessed to everything, and it'll be like a black hole.Thanks for sharing this.
     Questionnaire easily.


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