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Monday, August 12, 2013

It has been a while since I've last consistently blogged, and I'm pretty sure my lack of posts and commenting is becoming noticeable. I'm also sure that some of you have forgotten my face and that I'm even a blogger. Instead of pouring everything into my blog, I've been reading other blogs and talking to various bloggers on twitter. It's thanks to the constant conversations I have with other bloggers that reminded me why I love being part of the community. So to ease my way back into blogging, I've asked the help of my friends Jen from Books & Other Happy Ever Afters (who thought of our tag line) and Willa from Willa's Ramblings. These ladies put up with my emails with the subject "I WANT TO DO A THING" as well as the unorganized ideas contained with them to create this simple QUESTIONNAIRE TAG. 

During this week we'll be answering questions related to books, blogging, and even our personal lives. And since this is a tag we've decided to tag all of YOU. We'd love to have you answer the questions with us in the comments or even in a blog post. Be sure to check back on the following days and participate with us.

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  1. SQUEE. <3 I love your graphics, Vy! I'm excited to see what YOUR answers will be. :)


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