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Thursday, August 15, 2013
It is part two of the questionnaire tag, which is time for the interview portion. Jen, Willa, and I decided to do a big interview with questions related to books and even personal questions.

1. What do you want to be when you're older? Is this related to blogging/reading? If not, why not?

I want to be many things when I'm older such as being a better person and someone who understands the word relax. But I do know that I'll make a good decision with whatever I choose to be occupation wise when I'm older. 

2. Do you set aside a specific time each day to read, or do you read whenever you can (in cars, before school starts, etc.)?

There is never a set time for me to read because lately I've rarely had time at all. What usually ends up happening is I can squeeze in a couple pages here and there, and then right before bed I'd finish the entire book. It's simply terrible, but we all understand that feeling of "just one more chapter".

3. Are you a snacker while reading? If yes, what's your choice of food? If no, why not?

If I'm fortunate enough to read during the day, I'd usually be sitting in my kitchen counter while snacking on anything nearby. It's mostly just fruits and crackers.

4. Who is a character you've been able to relate to you that you've read about? Why? And who is one you would like to be like?

I recently read Golden by Jessi Kirby and instantly connected with the main character, Parker Frost. We're both in the situation of planning for our futures after graduating high school, so I completely understood her anxieties and fears. In the story, Parker began to open up a bit after being introduced to this quote, and at the time, I very much so needed to see this quote again. And Parker is someone I would like be like, too.

5. What is your favorite blogging memory that you've had? What's one your looking forward to?

I feel so pressured when I'm asked for my favorite blogging moment. So far it's the opportunity to be part of this welcoming community and also all the book events I've been able to go to. Especially the book event that I met Jen at! And I'm looking forward to ALA 2015, which is also the year I graduate. Yikes. Jen, Willa, and I are planning on meeting each other there along with other teen bloggers.

6. What kind of music do you like to listen to?

I listen to literally anything that interests me. At the moment my three songs on repeat are:
7. What book have you not read that you feel as if everyone else has read? Why haven’t you read it yet?

I am that one blogger who still hasn't read Harry Potter. I even own the first book, and I'm not exactly sure why I still haven't picked it up, but I'm determined to read this series. Unlike most fans I didn't grow up reading, so I grew up with Harry Potter through the movies. 

8. Are you a TV or movie person?

I am both! But since it's summer break I've been indulging in TV shows through netflix. So far this summer I've started and caught up with all the following shows besides Alpha, which I only finished to season 1. 

9. You are given an all expense paid trip to a destination of your choice for ONE day. Where would you go and what would you do?

I would go to Viet Nam because I just want to eat ALL the foods. There's nothing like authentic vietnamese food.

Now I tag YOU to answer these question. You can answer in the comments or even make a blog post and leave a link. 

Be sure to go check out JEN and WILLA'S interview's!


  1. Love this, Vy! You've actually really made me want to read Golden! I'll have to move that one up on the ol' TBR pile. ;)


  2. I love your answer for question #1, Vy. *pats Vy's shoulder* AND UGH why haven't I read Golden yet? That's my favorite quote ever, it's so inspirational.

    You. HAVEN'T. Read. HARRY POTTER? Who are you?!!? DROP EVERYTHING AND READ IT, GIRL. Hehe great answers, loved reading this along with the pretty pictures/graphics!

  3. LOVE THIS! Your answers! :) You're going to be such a great group up, girlie. :) GOLDEN is officially on my TBR. You've sold me.


  4. I love this feature to pieces, you guys! It's adorable. *smooshes Vy in huge hug*

    I love your answer to question number one. I feel like SO many adults never relax... and it's kind of scary. I mean, at least we school kids have the weekends (even though most of that is taken up by studying, go figure!) and scheduled vacations (but summer vacation is ending sooooon *sobs*), so we do get to relax. But I feel like adults really don't do that . I don't want to be like that when I grow up.

    Man, I basically never snack on fruit while reading, only unhealthy stuff. =P It's normally chips or candy or something. I should probably fix that up or something. And also, I should probably schedule in some reading time in my day as well. I'm like you, I just fit in reading time whenever I can. A lot of the times I take homework breaks in which I read.

    That quote you have as a graphic is basically one of my favorites EVER. I haven't read Golden yet, but now me thinks me should! ;) That quote is one that revolves around a lot in my head, and I always keep it in mind. It definitely helps me to stop wasting so much time and DO something with my life!

    Also, thanks for the new music recs! I've been looking for more stuff to listen to, and this stuff looks like awesome sauce. :D

    AWESOME answers lovely Vy! <3


      I CAN. NOT. WAIT! Even though I won't be graduating, I am SO GLAD we made plans for that on Twitter. Willa's picking me up, you're picking up Jen, and I suppose poor Emily will just have to fly to Cali by herself. ;) San Fran or bust in 2015! <3 <3


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