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Blog Tour - Review & Teaser: Dead Silence by Kimberly Derting

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Dead Silence by Kimberly Derting
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HarperTeen, 336 pages
Series: The Body Finder #4
Release Date: April 16, 2013
Source: Publisher
Violet thought she’d made peace with her unique ability to sense the echoes of the dead and the imprints that cling to their killers…that is until she acquired an imprint of her own. Forced to carry a reminder of the horrible events of her kidnapping, Violet is more determined than ever to lead a normal life. However, the people who run the special investigative team Violet works for have no intention of letting her go.

When someone close to Violet becomes a suspect in a horrific murder, she finds herself pulled into a deadly hunt for a madman with an army of devoted followers. Violet has survived dangerous situations before, but she quickly discovers that protecting those closest to her is far more difficult than protecting herself.


It’s finally senior year for Violet, and the last thing she’s thinking about is school. The recent event of her kidnapping resulted in Violet developing her own imprint that haunts her every minute. And it’s sure not helping her mental health when a fellow classmate and friend is being accused of murder.

Dead Silence raised the level of creepy with the twisted point of views from “The Killer”. I thought the past Body Finder books’ killers were scary, but this was something else. This particular killer developed a loyal following with young adults among his group. What I loved, and was completely creeped out by, was the possible reality of the situation.

Violet is still the same head strong gal that I loved since The Body Finder. As she gets bolder so do the risks she takes to protect those she loves. Speaking of those she loves, Jay continued to be his sweet self by being the rock that Violet needed through the madness. And I loved how Violet’s family was consistently present and involved in her life. What I will always love are the fleshed out supporting characters of this series, especially the people from The Team, like Rafe. He is my favorite and everyone can go home. No, I’m kidding because I love them all SO MUCH and will miss all the characters dearly.

I loved Dead Silence, and everything and everyone in it. As much as I loved it I didn’t feel like this was THE ending. But Dead Silence did nicely wrap up at nicely at the end. It is still just as amazing and incredibly written as the other books in the series, and I highly enjoyed it.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5
And now for the teaser....


"How come you didn't say anything about your hottie friend comin' to White River."
Violet frowned at her friend. "I have no idea what you're talking about, Chels." She pulled her arm away and glanced up to see if Jay knew what their friend was rambling on about. But he looked as perplexed as she was.
"Dude, whatever..." Chelsea's voice trailed off as her gaze shifted past Violet, to the hallway beyond. Her mouth curved, a sly, knowing smile parting her lips. "Are you trying to tell me you didn't know he was transferring here?" she muttered, and Violet realized Chelsea that spotted whoever it was she'd been talking about. Violet turned to look behind her.
"Jesus," Violet heard Jay breathe beside her, and she felt his arm stiffen around her neck as Rafe approached.


Kimberly Derting is the author of the BODY FINDER series (HarperCollins) and THE PLEDGE trilogy (Simon & Schuster). She lives in the Seattle area, with her husband and three children, who often find the outrageous things they say either in the pages of her books or posted on Twitter or Facebook for the entire world to see.

You can visit her website at

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  1. I did hear from someone else that the ending didn't feel like an ending either. I'm really looking forward to reading it though! I'm intrigued by this killer and I love Jay! Great review!

  2. I didn't feel like it was THE end either. My plan is to convince Kim to write a spin off from Rafes POV and I think that will work good cause we'll still see plenty of Violet. It was a great read and I'm glad you enjoyed it!
    Thanks so much for hosting a tour stop!

  3. So stoked to finally read this! I love the series a little bit too much. :)

  4. i love your hop and then i will be hoping to win and brag on blon

  5. Thank you for your thoughts. DEAD SILENCE does look fantastic.

  6. Great review and teaser. Rafe or Jay what's going to happen!!!? Can't wait to read the book! <3

  7. Loved the review! I am really eager to read Dead Silence. The wait has been forever!

  8. I.CAN. NOT. WAIT. TO. READ. THIS. BOOK.I love this series

  9. I can't wait to read this series! It's on my ever-growing list of TBR!

    Thanks, Vy!
    - Ava

  10. Thanks for the post! :)

    - Diana @amalia_chartres

  11. Love the teaser! And the review! Thanks so much for making my day. Every new review that is positive makes me happy! I love this series!


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