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January Means a New Start, Right?!

Friday, January 18, 2013
A new year equals a new start, right?!

 Unfortunately, my high school runs on a semester schedule, and a new year just means a month closer to finals. My days can now be organized into time I spend studying and time I don't spend studying.

Accurate finals memes that I just had to post: 

This is actually true and all of these tests leading up to finals is driving me nuts.

Studying for finals is sadly resulting in a neglected blog. BUT DO NOT FRET (Monsieur Marius*... Yes, I watched Les Miserables. And yes, the songs are still stuck in my head) I WILL BE BACK AFTER FINALS ARE DONE! I'll still have a couple of posts up, but it's going to be slow on the blog the exams are over. I still read my emails incase you were wondering, but I just haven't had the time to respond. I promise I am not ignoring anyone!

In the mean time, I recommend my latest 5 star reads!

*lame attempt at "A Little Fall of Rain" reference


  1. Vy! I can completely agree with you on your pie chart, graph, and memes. My life pretty much sucks right now, too. :( Good luck on your finals, and I hope to see more of your posts soon! <3


    But we had finals before break this year, as my school was trying out something new with the schedule. So, the teachers decided to cram as much crap as possible into the last few days before exams. Instead of doing reviews, the teachers were like, "Hey, let's teach you something for one day in AP Biology and then give you a majorly hard test about it 2 days before finals YAY!" Obviously, I was NOT cheering. But because everything was crammed up before break, I didn't have to stress about anything over break and when I got back to school, which is pretty nice now. Although, there's always more stress from the normal tests to be had.

    See that rant up there? I have to rant every time about school whenever I get the option. =P But honestly Vy, you are going to do FABULOUS with finals, I know it! Good luck buddy, and we'll miss you while you're gone! <3

  3. Totally understandable :) I remember those days.. And now I have tons of work in place of school :/ Hang in there! Good luck and can't wait to have you back! Also.. we need another blogger get together.. just saying lol

  4. I think all high school and college students live with this to some extent, and it sucks. I'm glad that my school gives finals before break, but I'm currently in the process of selecting classes for my sophomore year, which, to me, is equally stressful:( We all understand, though, and are excited for you to come back.
    Oh, and I LOVE those charts. :)

  5. Ugh, that sucks! I'm happy to be done with school - I barely had to time to read anything non-school related while I was a student! Good luck with your finals!!

  6. Haha! The meme pics are SO true! Cracked me up. :) And your pie chart is exactly what my life is right now. Good luck with everything!
    Little Book Star

  7. Good luck with all the school stuff! You can do it!

  8. OH HEY WE ARE THE SAME! School is eating me aliiive. In fact, I have things I should be doing right now but of course I'm not. Good luck on your finals, Vy!!


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