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Armchair BEA: Day 1 - Introductions

Sunday, June 3, 2012

It is now BookExpo America (BEA) week! Since I won't be attending the actual event 
I'm participating in Armchair BEA. For more information, visit Armchair BEA

1. Who are you?
  • Name: Vy (pronounced just like the letter "V")
  • YA book blogger
  • High School Student
  • Lives in the lovely state of Oregon
  • Favorite Genres: High Fantasy, Paranormal, and Historical Fiction
  • Enjoys being emotionally damaged while watching The Vampire Diaries
2. What are you currently reading?

City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare

3. What literary location would you most like to visit?

St. Vladimir’s Academy from The Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead. It's where all the cool vampires go. 

4. If you could eat dinner with any author or character, who would it be?

Noah Shaw from The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin. Why? Just because.

5. Have your reading tastes changed since you started blogging?

YES! Before I started blogging I was only reading paranormal, but now thanks to 
everyone's recommendations I've widened my reading preferences.

Design credit: Nina of Nina Reads.
Are you participating in Armchair BEA? Feel free to leave a link with your comment so I can visit!


  1. Hi! Nice to meet you!
    I seem to have found the opposite with my reading tastes since starting blogging. But that's more a quality than genre thing.

  2. hi, lovely blog! come to my blog:

  3. Oh I think visiting Rose, Dimitri, and the crew would be a great literary escape. Of course, I think we would all be fighting over Dimitri but that is ok :)

  4. Hi Vy! Glad to see you're participating too! I loved vampire academy, but the strigoi would scare me! Lol

  5. UF/Paranormal is one of those genres I never read before blogging. Hope you enjoy your week.

  6. What a lovely blog you have! I don't read the genres which are your favorite, but I love the way you've laid out your blog so aesthetically and simply. Happy BEA Week! Nice to meet you!

  7. Awesome blog! I love a variety of genres in books!

  8. It's always lovely to get to know more about a fellow teen blogger! I'm jealous that you live in Oregon- because first off, it's beautiful there. AND there's always book signings going on there! You're so lucky. =p Anyways, City of Lost Souls is really wonderful, so enjoy that!

    Have fun during Armchair BEA! =)

    -Aneeqah @ My Not So Real Life

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  10. 1. emotionally damaged while watching the vampire diaries! I can totally relate! Stefan or Damon?
    2. I, too, would LOVE to go into the realm of The Vampire Academy :]
    It's so great to meet you!!
    Hope you have a great Armchair BEA week!
    Here's my post:

    xo Stephanie

  11. Hi Vy! Great to meet you!
    YES to having dinner with Noah from Mara Dyer. I'd actually probably just be content with a phone date w/ him =) If I had to pick out my biggest weakness, it'd probably be a good English accent. *sigh*

  12. Hi Vy, glad to see you at ABEA. I didn't think of St. Vladimir's. Great choice! How are you liking City of Lost Souls? I am a bit afraid to read it. I think I might wait until the next comes out in two years. I am a bit chicken.

    Hope to see you around ABEA again.

  13. Hoping to get to CoLS by next week. It's so beautiful.

  14. Oh, The Vampire Diaries. THAT FINALE!!! Lol. I totally saw it coming, but still!

  15. Ohhh Noah Shaw. If I got to have dinner with him, I don't think I can be held accountable for anything I'd do haha. I went to Oregon last October (been there once before, but I was young and sick for the ENTIRE trip so I don't remember much of it haha) and absolutely fell in love with the state. If I ever leave California and have to go somewhere in the US, OR would be up there in choices.

    Happy Armchair BEA and lovely to meet you!
    My Armchair BEA Intro

  16. Vy, I missssssssss you! Oooh, Noah, good one! I'm so excited to see what he's up to now!!!

  17. Nice to meet you. Love the clean look of your blog. :)


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