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Magical Realism: Dos Palabras by Isabel Allende (Lit Project)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012
Dos Palabras by Isabel Allende 

A short story about a women who sold words.

There's a tone of love and caring in the story after Belisa is introduced to the Colonel. 
"There was more to it than that, however, she felt the urge to help him because she felt a throbbing warmth beneath her skin, a powerful desire to touch that man, to fondle him, to clasp him in her arms."
"[...] the whole world could see the voracious-puma eyes soften as the women walked to him and took his hand in hers."
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1. Dictionary

The dictionary tossed into the sea by Belisa symbolized her ridding herself of packaged lies.

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2. Words

Words affected those who read or heard it mentally and physical. It also symbolizes power because of how much control is gained with the right words.

Magical Element:

Words were a magical element because of how Belisa would sell them. They were also magical because of how the words given to someone can have the power to influence their emotions and actions.

 Words have the power to hurt or heal. 
"To anyone who paid her fifty  centavos in trade, she gave the gift of a secret word to drive away melancholy." 
"She discarded harsh, cold words, words that were too flowery, words worn from abuse, words that offereed improbable promises, untruthful and confusing words, until all she had left were words sure to touch the minds of men and women's intuition." 
"[...] and saw that the Colonel's eyes glittered with enthusiasm, convinced that with those words the presidential chair would be his." 
"[...] he was stopped by an avalanche of words he had never heard before; believing them to be an irrevocable curse, the flame of his desire was extinguished."

This post is a graded project for my world literature class. 
But be sure to tell me your thoughts on magical realism and magical realism in YA. 
What are your favorite magical realism books or authors?

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  1. Thanks for this, you actually ended up helping me on my Spanish project today. Gracias!


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