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Vy's Blog Turns One!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

It is February 25, which marks my very FIRST blogoversary!
This is crazy! I've been blogging for ONE WHOLE YEAR. I know that's not a long time, but it's a lot longer than what I planned. Through this fantastic year, I've met so many people and been to a bunch of fun book events.

Vy's Blog Firsts:
Left to right: Me, Holly, and Cassandra
Book Event - Cassandra Clare & Holly Black
This was one crazy night! Being the inexperienced person that I was, I got lost and showed up late. So of course I stayed anyways and met the two amazing ladies! It was so fun seeing all these people and I totally didn't mind coming home until 11pm. *I want to thank my amazing Dad for standing in line with me the whole time.*

Suzanne and I

Powell's Book Event - Suzanne Young (Author of A Need So Beautiful)
I must have been the only Oregonian to live in Oregon for over 10 years and not step foot in a Powell's. I am now in love with Powell's.

YA Book - The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Book Review - Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr

Blog Follower - Frosy from Books Like Fairytales
Of course I remembered my first follower!

Blogger Encounter - Sara from Novel Novice
This was awesome! Novel Novice is like my blog idol, so of course I freaked a little when the first blogger that I met was Sara.

Favorite Thing About Blogging:
The amazing YA book community
There is a ridiculous amount of nice and generous people in this community that make blogging fun. Everyone is welcoming and very kind in helping each other out. It's also great to be surrounded with so many people like bloggers, readers, authors, etc. who all love to read.

There are many thanks to go around to those that made my first year successful!

When I first started blogging, I looked to these two blogs the most. They really helped shape this blog.
Sara and I
-Novel Novice 
Like mentioned above, I got the chance to meet Sara at a Dark Days Tour. She's also an Oregonian, so I've bumped into her a couple of times at other events.

-Melina from Reading Vacation
Melina was one the most amazing bloggers out there. And she's even younger than I am! I learned a lot from her when I first started blogging and I owe her a lot.

There are many more bloggers that helped shape Vy's Blog, but here's a few that made a big impact.
-Christy from The Reader Bee
-Farrah & Britney from I Eat Words
-Ginger from GReads!
-Small Review

Candace and I
Then recently, I made some awesome blogger friends!
-Meredith from Mint Tea & A Good Book
She also designed my new fancy banner!
-Willa from Willa's Ramblings
-Katie from Katie's Book Blog
-Candace from Candace's Book Blog
I've also had the chance to meet up with her a bunch of times at book events!
-Cynthia from Dog-Eared and Book Marked
-Vi from Confessions of a Vi3t Babe
-Bailey from IB Book Blogging
She's also my Big Sib!
-Harmony from Radiant Reads
This girl right here. I'm still blaming her for being sleep deprived.

Thank You:

My two librarians and I!
A lot has changed since I first blogged. It has been a great year and I'm definitely looking forward to more! As always, I want to thank my two middle school librarians! These ladies are doing an amazing job at getting books into student hands.

Also, thank you to the authors and publicists that are interested in Vy's Blog and had given me the chance to work with you.

And of course, I want to thank everyone who visits my blog. 
Thank you!

photo credit: Sifu Renka via photopin cc


  1. Happy Birthday I wish you luck and I hope you will still doing this for a long time.

  2. Happy Birthday and Congratulations Vy! I have been following your blog for awhile now, and I love stopping over to see what you've been up to, what new books you've been reading :) My blog birthday will be coming up soon too! March 23rd is my one year ;)

    Happy reading and blogging in the months/years ahead! :D

    Lea @ LC's Adventures in Libraryland

  3. Happy birthday to your blog! I love reading your reviews. :)

  4. Happy 1st blog birthday Vy. I've enjoyed following you over the year.

  5. HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY!!!!! Congrats on a whole year girl! :D

  6. Happy Blogoversary!! We adore you! :) xoxo

  7. Congrats Vy I love watching your YT Vids!

  8. Happy Happy Happy Blogoversary, Vy! Your blog just keeps getting better and better! =] xo

    (this is Gemma btw!!)

  9. Happy Blogoversary, Vy! I've enjoyed getting to know you so much! :)


  10. Congrats! Thanks for the shout out <333

  11. Happy Blogoversary, I hope you celebrate many years to come!

  12. I remember when you first started!! You've come a long way!


  13. I am so behind on everything lately! I hope you had a very happy blogoversary, and here's to many, many more :) You've come so far in one year—you have a lot to be proud of. I am so humbled that you mentioned my blog and have found it helpful, thank you.


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