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Guest Post: The Pull by Chelsie Shakespeare

Tuesday, November 29, 2011
The Pull by Chelsie Shakespeare
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Publisher: Nobel Romance Publishing
Release Date: June 13, 2011
Evie Remington had always done what people expected of her. As a result, at twenty-six she finds herself the unhappy owner and manager of a Denver hotel. That is, until deep-rooted memories of a past life and the hidden knowledge of a promise she made in that other lifetime pulls her away from it all. Without knowing where it will lead, Evie sets out on a cross-country journey that will challenge what she believes about life, death, and love.

In my first novel, The Pull, my characters are really good people. I did this because when I watch a movie or read a book full of selfish horrible characters, I don't care what happens to them at the end, I'm just glad to be rid of them. It's so important convince your reader to root for the protagonist.

But it's a fine line. You can't make your characters too good or you end up with Edward from twilight. Now don't get me wrong, I definitely enjoyed that series and I'm not trying to criticize Stephanie Myer. I think she has a brilliant creative mind and a sensational story, however, Edward is too damn perfect.

He doesn't get jealous or angry when Bella kisses Jacob at the top of that mountain?! Really?!Instead of Edward coming to life in my imagination as a flawed and complicated person, he remains flat on the page as the author's idea of a perfect man.

In my second novel, Split, (which is not quite finished, but close) I tackle this issue in more depth by giving my protagonist an alter ego, who is truly evil. But again, she can't be too evil. She can't be evil without cause like some lifeless soap opera villain. She must have motive in order to be believable.

Character development is key to any good story. If I had one tip for aspiring writers it would be to start there and work your way out.

I am a newly published author.  I live in Boise, Idaho with my husband and our two little dogs. My first novel The Pull was released June 13th, 2011 and I am close to finishing my second novel, Split. The Pull is a paranormal novel about reincarnation and love. 


  1. Hmmm. I think I have to disagree with you, Chelsie, about Twilight and especially Edward being perfect, but that's really a whole different conversation, lol.

    But I do agree that character development is the key to every story. It's been debated what is more important, strong characters driving the plot, or strong plot driving the characters. And while I don't think either of these methods is better than the other, I do prefer strong characters over strong plot. Take, for instance, the Shiver series by Maggie Stiefvater. In retrospect, there isn't that much of a plot in any of the 3 books. But each and every one of the characters has such a vivid and strong personality that, while you're reading, you hardly realize it. I loved those books.

    Nice post, and great topic. :)

  2. Ashley- I think it definitely takes both a strong plot and strong characters, but the way I like to write centers on my characters and the plot falls around them. Even if you have an AWESOME storyline, if no one cares about the characters, no one would care about the book.

    Thanks for reading and commenting, and don't get me wrong, I really loved the Twilight series, I just always thought Edward was a little too good, to the point that it's hard to believe he could be an actual person (ya know, aside from the whole vampire thing) ;-)

  3. Chelsie- Actually, I don't like Twilight, mostly *because* Edward is, in my opinion, far from perfect and very far from being good. But again, that's a whole different conversation. I really hate talking about Twilight, because I feel like it's not worth all the debate surrounding it.

    But I think it's awesome that you have strong characters in your novels! :) The Pull is on my wish list, hopefully I can read it soon

  4. I guess I kind of felt like Edward was a bit 'too' perfect as well. It made him not feel quite real to me.

    I had Chelsie on as a guest on my blog, nice to see her here!


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