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Guest Post: All That Matters by Youseph Tanha

Monday, October 24, 2011
All That Matters by Youseph Tanha
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Ethan Wright is just like any other high school kid that is one day lucky enough to meet the girl of his dreams. Throughout the course of high school the young couple learn to cope with incredibly difficult odds to discover all that matters.

Why are some people book people and others not?

This is a question I have been asking myself for the last few months. There are so many people out in the world who just don’t read and I think it’s because they just don’t get it. They have never experienced a book in a way
that makes the rest of us enjoy them so much. Which is sad because they are missing out on such a great opportunity to better them selves and have an advantages in life that would otherwise elude them.

I used to be one of these people. These non-readers. I like to think I had a pretty good excuse for not reading though. You see, I am Dyslexic. My whole life I have struggled with reading because to me the letters and numbers on the page always look like they are jumping and twisting around. It can make reading a book a painfully long and agonizing process.

So, I can hear you asking; If you have such a hard time reading how are you able to write your own books? Well my friends, the answer to that is two parts. Games and technology.

You see, because I struggled so much with reading early on in life I never really got bitten by the reading bug. I never saw the value in reading because it took me so long to finish a book compared to everyone else. It would literally take me months to finish a book like ‘Where The Red Fern Grows’ by Wilson Rawls.

I was eventually diagnosed with Dyslexia and given corrective glasses to help. But by than I was so far behind in my reading skills that it was almost like learning to read all over again.

Fast forward to my mid twenties. A small group of my friends and I where sitting around playing ‘Dead or Alive’ on the Xbox when one guy says. “We should play ‘Dungeons & Dragons’”. “Yeah” said another of my friends.

I had never played anything like Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) in my life, but that did not detour my friends. They where all to happy to teach me. That weekend we all gathered at my place to play our first game of D&D together.

For those of you who have never played a role playing game like D&D before I can tell you that it is a story driven game that uses paper, pencils, and some polyhedral dice. But the game is much more than that. It is so mind unleashing amazing. That first game had my imagination running on over drive the whole time and I was sad when it came to an end. I remember spending that night on the Internet reading as much as I could about the game. I also found myself reading about elves, trolls, dragons, and knights. I was reading. I was reading for knowledge and for entertainment. I was finally bitten by the reading bug.

Having a computer during this time was a huge help for me. Being able to increase the size of text on a web page to a size that was clear and easy for me to see. A size that kept the words and numbers from jumping around on the screen. This helped my reading skills out so

Later on with the advent of the Kindle and being able to adjust the text size also helped. I now read books all the time. Any chance I get you can catch me reading. I even read to my wife at night before bed.

I am still not a fast reader. Not as fast as I would like to be. Not as fast my friends. But I am reading. Its enjoyable for me now. It has opened a whole new world of imagination and knowledge to me. I have have been bitten by the reading bug.

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