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I'm back, sort of...

Monday, August 29, 2011
I've been gone for the last 3 weeks on vacation over in Viet Nam! It was really nice there but I'm really glad I'm back. One of the down sides of traveling is getting use to the time change. It was hard when I flew over to Asia. I even fell asleep while we were at dinner. Now my time is all off so I'm usually tired during the day and fully awake at night. This is not good since school starts next week. Viet Nam was great though! A got really tan from the beaches I've visited.

But now that I am back it's time for me to get serious about school again. This year I'll be a freshman so I'm not sure what I'm expecting out of high school. For now here are some pictures of Viet Nam. :D

One more thing, thank you to everyone who visited my blog while I was gone. Also big thanks to those who commented!

Going to the market in a boat.
Really fresh seafood :) I also caught a very small fish!
Love those Da Nang beaches!
I rode the longest and highest non-stopping cable cart to Ba Na Hill.
It also stopped 3 times which was really freaky.
Even while I was over there I found my way into a bookstore.


  1. Sounds like you had fun! When we went to Paris I fell asleep in a French Starbucks the day we got there. haha! Glad you're back!


  2. Looks like you had loads of fun! I really hate the whole jet lag thing. It's really annoying! Anyway I hope you recover from jet lag!

  3. Oh wow! What an awesome trip! I've never gone over seas and would LOVE to! Viet Nam looks beautiful. I have cousins from there (they were adopted as babies) and they went a few times when they were older so they could grow up knowing their origins, etc. The pictures were so beautiful! Glad you made it home safely!

  4. So envious of your vacation! That is some very FRESH seafood! Welcome back.


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