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July Is Now Declared NetGalley Month!

Monday, July 4, 2011

If you guys remember, April was declared NetGalley month. Since that went really well why not have another NetGalley month? So Emily over at Red House Books has declared it.

I didn't get to participate in April but I won't be passing up that opportunity this month. My eBook TBR list is getting a bit large so this is perfect.

What is NetGalley Month?

A month where you read as many NetGalley books as possible.

What do I get out of it?

Well for starters we can control our TBR pile. But also 2 people will get the chance to win $15 worth of books from The Book Depository.

For more details see the original post here.

I'm participating! Are you?


  1. NetGalley month sounds fun.

  2. Hmm that sounds like fun! I never heard of NetGalley until now but I just signed up :) Now all I need are some NetGalley books so I can participate, haha! Though I kind of doubt I'll get any approvals right away; just read through the "what publishers want" page and sounds intimidating!

  3. Unfortunately, no, since I lost my Kindle. ): But hopefully soon! *thinks of getting an iPhone in a couple months...* Have fun with the challenge!

    And since I haven't been lurking in a while, I wanted to say I like the new-ish (possibly? I'm so out of it) look of your blog; it's clean yet pretty. :)


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