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Armchair BEA: Blogging

Friday, May 27, 2011
It is BEA/BBC week! Since I won't be attending the actual event I'm participating in Armchair BEA! (For more information please visit Armchair BEA) This week will be full of fun posts all over different book blogs.

It is the last day of Armchair BEA and I just wanted to say thank you to the organizers of Armchair BEA for making this week happen.

Armchair BEA - Day #5:
Blogging about blogging

What I thought I knew before blogging:

It was going to be super fun and an extra thing I wanted to do when I have some little free time. I would be able to just read and then post my review to share with everyone.

What I learned with in my first month of blogging:

Not only did I get a chance to just read and review but there were really awesome memes out there that lead to other blogs and bloggers. I also learned that blogging took more time than I thought. At first it was easy to blog since I had a long school break, but when I got back into school it became really hard with the little time I had. I put more work into my blog than I thought I would. I also learned that you could approach authors and that there were such things as ARC.

My favorite parts of blogging so far:

The best part of blogging has to be "meeting" the bloggers behind the blogs! They are all so sweet and kind and what's better than knowing other people who share the same love of reading?

What are some pros and cons of social networking your blog?

I just started using twitter and I've had the chance to talk to so many more bloggers as well as authors. It's a great way to interact with others. The only con I can think of is that sometimes I end up spending too much time and end up procrastinating when I should be getting stuff done.

What's on your "rule list" of things you should and shouldn't be doing on a book blog.

-I'm very careful at not offending others. Even though I have the right to express my opinion I will do it in a respectful way.

-Blogging will not take over my life! When I feel too over whelmed with it then I will take a break.

-What I should be doing is blogging for my own enjoyment. :)
What are your tips for balance life and blogging?

I'm still trying to balance that right now. Between school work and other stuff I'm trying to find a way to fit everything into my schedule. When I feel like blogging I will and when I feel like doing something else I'll step away from my lap top and do something else. As easy as that sounds I still haven't balanced my school work and blogging well enough.

What genre do you blog about and why?

Vy's Blog is a young adult book blog. Since I'm a "young adult" I enjoy reading stuff in my age level.

How do you keep your blog fresh and interesting to your readers & yourself?

I don't have a schedule I follow. I guess that way I can be more free with whatever I want to post for that day and so it's usually different weekly.

This was such a fun week full of posts. Thank you again to the organizers of Armchair BEA.


  1. Great post! I loved reading all your answers :)

  2. Sounds like you have some great ideas about what you want blogging to be, and how to keep it fun. =)

  3. This is great! I like meeting everyone too. I am guilty of letting the blog take over my life sometimes though when I am not in school. oooops!

  4. Great post! I can't believe how much time book blogging takes. It's kind of ridiculous, but I'm having a lot of fun with it. I have to remind myself that I don't HAVE to post too. I can take a break! ~ Jen @ A Book and a Latte


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