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Betrayal Blog Tour: Character Interview

Tuesday, May 31, 2011
Yesterday I posted an interview with the author of Betrayal, Mayandree Michel and today I'll be featuring a character interview with Cordelia. If you've missed my first two posts for the tour, be sure to check out my review and author interview.

Cordelia has a heart shaped face, almond shaped green eyes, long wavy dark brown hair and a sun-tanned skin tone. She's fairly tall, about five feet eight inches with a slim frame. Cordelia also happens to be one of the strongest demigods and an empress. She's curious, bold, and will do anything to set things right.

1) Time traveling back to 1891 has to be pretty intense and scary. What was the one thing you wish you could have brought with you from the future?

Yes indeed, the trip back to my home was beyond frightening, especially since I had no idea what was happening or why. Honestly, just between you and I, after spending time in the future and being exposed to some really innovative inventions, I’d have to admit to missing the cellular telephone and personal computer. Either of those would be wonderful to have now, but I’d have to make sure every member of my empire was equipped with one. Texting and emailing would certainly cut back on the council meetings in the mines. But the one item I truly wish I could have brought back with me is a pair of jeans! My time in the future has definitely affected me permanently and I haven’t forgotten the comfort of a worn pair.

2) Your house, the Tieron Estate, sounds like any bodies dream home with 9 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 2 kitchens, a wine cellar, a sun room that lead to a garden, and a fully stocked library. (Which is every reader's dream!) With all the space where would you consider your private place?

I do love the spacious home my parents built, although it’s not as full as it should be. I love spending time in the kitchen on the ground floor when Sun Paw is preparing one of her scrumptious meals. I also enjoy the time I spend reading in the sun room (mostly when Christopher and Phoebe aren’t running about). I find the warmth of the sun and the view of the garden calming. I also try to have my meals there as often as possible.

3) As uncomfortable as those dresses are you must have had a favorite one. How would you have described it?

The dresses aren’t as uncomfortable as the corset and bustle worn beneath them. Those bone bruising contraptions really take some getting used too! Initially, on my return home, I was appalled by every dress and dreaded wearing them. This is simply because I wasn’t used to seeing myself in them and walking graciously in them was a feat. Since then I’ve fallen back in love with the luxurious fabrics and tailoring and will wear any dress in emerald or jade as they bring out the color of my eyes.

4) Not only are you a strong demigod, but also an empress. What do you do to lessen the stress?

Unfortunately, I don't have the power to lessen the stress brought on by the Apolluon and all the other evil entities with a penchant to rid of me and my entire empire. My discussions with my wise sister, the Goddess Athena, are helpful but I believe the time I spend with my love, Evan, to be the most tranquil moments of my day. When I’m with him, it’s as if all the chaos of the Apolluon disappears and we are all alone floating hand in hand in the universe.

5) Evan sounds like such a gentleman. How do you see him through your eyes?

I’m smiling with just the thought of him<Blush>. Evan is as vulnerable as he is strong willed and I think I love that most about him, along with his smile, the only think on this earth that can weaken me in the knees. Evan has the most beautiful soul as well as the most tireless one, especially when it comes to showing his devotion to whoever is lucky enough to be on the receiving end of his love. And I do feel lucky!

This is the wrap up of my blog tour posts. Thank you Mayandree for taking the time to do these interviews.

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  1. Amazing interview, and review and the other interview LOL Read all of them. I'm currently reading this and LOVE it :D x x


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