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Armchair BEA: Interview

Tuesday, May 24, 2011
It is BEA/BBC week! Since I won't be attending the actual event I'm participating in Armchair BEA! (For more information please visit Armchair BEA) This week will be full of fun posts all over different book blogs.

Armchair BEA - Day #3:
Blogger Interviews

Today I am fortunate enough to interview
Tasha from Book Obsessed.

1) If you could only read books from only ONE author for the rest of the year, who's books would you read?

This is a tough one! Just one author? I would like to say Linda Howard or Julia Garwood, because you can't go wrong with either of them. But if I wanted something a little racy, Lauren Dane or Maya Banks. So I guess I would have to go with Linda Howard. She could definitely keep me entertained for a year.

2) What was the most recent book you've read that you're just obsessed with?

The DUFF! I don't read much, if any, YA novels, but this one was GREAT! I'm just waiting for more from Kody. I've tried and failed to find any YA novels that are similar to this one. So if anyone knows of any that I will enjoy that are along the lines of the DUFF, please let me know.

3) When you're not reading or blogging, what would we find you doing?
When I'm not doing one of those, I'm usually at work. I work 10hr days, so that leaves little leisure time. But when I do have time, I'm shopping or going to the movies with friends. Just today, a friend and I went and saw Bridesmaids. Also, I've been trying to get into crafting. As of now I've made a tutu for my 3yr old niece, but hopefully I'll start doing more of that.

4) How would you describe your favorite place to read?

I really don't have a favorite place to read. I can read pretty much anywhere as long as there is no tv to distract me.

5) Do you have a favorite bookmark?

Yeah, but it's not really a bookmark per se. It's a tag off of a Lapis Pea Coat Cape. I'm not sure if that's what you would call it since it's not a coat, but indeed a cape. It's just a cape in that pea coat style. :) But the the is the length and shape of a bookmark. Plus it's a hard material, almost like cardboard.

6) Your dream bookshelf?

Oh this is a great one! I tend to collect books, and people give me books because they know this about me. Some people have dream closets or dream kitchens, I want a dream home library! Hence my collecting books. I just want a home office with all the walls lined with floor to ceiling shelves. This would be my library. --->

7) Where was your favorite place you traveled to?

I haven't done much traveling, but of the places I have been I guess it would have to be NYC. But I hope to one day visit Seychelles.

8) Favorite dessert of all time?

I'm a total sucker for store bought birthday cakes! Those cakes that you find a stores like Wal-Mart, Sam's, etc (I know they are bad for you), I could eat one all by myself if I didn't make myself put down the fork and walk away. :)

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions Tasha! Be sure to check out Tasha's blog, Book Obsessed.


  1. Awesome interview! Great questions. Will be checking out Tasha's blog!

  2. Love your questions! I'd have a hard time answering these, as well. =)

  3. Who wouldn't like shelves like that?!

    I got the chance to interview via email the owner of Notorious Spinks Talks Books. Come read the review.

  4. Great interview! Nice balance of bookish and non-bookish questions. :)

  5. I love that tutu! A crafty person and a reader is a great combo. Great interview!

  6. What an adorable tutu! Also, I've been wanting to read The DUFF.

  7. Thank you Vy! The interview turned out great! One day, one day that library will be mine :)


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