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National Library Week Challenge!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011
Stephanie from Book Love Blog, is now having a Tuesday National Library Week Challenge! Here is a quick snippet of what it is: (Not sure what National Library Week is? Click here!)

Here is today's challenge:
Post a photo of your local library on Book Love Blog's Facebook wall. Or you in your local library. Or you with your local librarian. Just get a picture of you supporting your community's library, and post it. You have til midnight Sunday the 17th to get your photos posted. One lucky poster will be pick randomly to win a custom made I <3 my Library bumper sticker.

Unfortunately I don't have a facebook yet, but I still thought the idea was fun so I'll share it here. Even though I'm not entering in the challenge you guys should! Click here for more details.

The Inside of my school library: This is where I wish I could hang out all class period but could only visit about twice a week.

The library display case: My school librarians have the coolest display cases! At the moment they're displaying books that are made or going to be made into movies. (Click here to see my Top Ten List of books I want to see as movies)

The Librarian: Ms.Blair

She is also guest posting Waiting on Wednesday so be sure to check that out here. In the picture she's standing next to the board of Coming Attractions :)

The Librarian's Assistant: 
Ms. Haselden

She also did a guest post and participated on Cover Crazy. To check it out click here.

How do you guys feel about your library and your librarians?

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