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Monday, April 4, 2011

It's a chance to share about what Book Cover caught our attention.

The Gray Wolf Throne (Seven Realms Series #3) by Cinda Williams Chima
I'm a huge fan of Cinda's, Seven Realms Series and their covers!

What I Liked:

1) The blend of pink and purple! It blends so nicely.

2) I love simple covers and how it's focused on an object instead of people

3) Loved the Crown!

3) Oh and how the crown is glowing :)

4) I love the border of the cover. The swirls on the corners and how the title and author names are on the side.

I also loved the covers of the first two books The Demon King & The Exiled Queen. (It's linked if your interested to see their covers.)

What do you think about this cover? If you also participate in this meme add your link with your comment and I'd love to check it out :)


  1. This is so pretty!You definitely get the feeling that that crown is very important!

  2. I love the purple. I'm SUCH a sucker for purple...haha, I'm even wearing a purple sweater and purple socks today. ^^; The purple is the first thing I see, and then those beautiful mountains in the background. I love how this series always has an object as a focal point.

  3. the cover is just so beautiful! i haven't read the books yet in this new series, but am seeing them in the stores and have been tempted to buy it, but my TBR pile is already growing... anyway, i love how the pink and violet blended... it accented the crown in the middle of the cover. ^_^

  4. I loove this cover. It looks like it has so much power. It's almost electric with that purple and the swirly stuff (I love swirly stuff) around the crown reminding me of a lightning storm. Nice pick!

  5. This cover is awesome!! I actually didn't know this book was part of a series, so I've got to read the others first. I'm looking foward to it though!

  6. I love the colors in this, it's such a pretty cover.


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