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Cassandra Clare and Holly Black Tour: Portland, OR

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Last night at Barnes & Noble in Portland,OR, I attended my first author book signing ever! What made my first event even more special was that it was a Cassandra Clare and Holly Black signing. Since this was my first I wasn't sure what to expect and when I should arrive so I ended up showing up a bit late. I know that's very amateur of me. What made it worse was that my dad and I were lost and was wondering around trying to find the Barnes & Noble for a good few minutes.

I missed the reading and Q&A, but I did make it for the signing! Something good that came out of that was I had a bit more time to talk to Holly and Cassandra since there weren't as many people afterwards. (I'm talking 10, I got home around 11 pm). I found that Holly and Cassandra are such sweet and funny people. I had a great time over all and was super excited when I met them.

Since I was somewhat in the last bunch of people, Holly was kind enough to let me get a picture with her and got a signed copy of Red Glove as well as some other cool stuff.

I didn't know that I was suppose to purchase City of Fallen Angels there if I wanted it signed, so I purchased a copy of City of Bones and got that signed. When Cassandra asked me who my favorite character was I said Simon so she drew a little vampire Simon :) Unfortunately I blinked when I got my picture with Cassandra and I'm too embarrassed to show that one, but here's my signed book!

I heard that a some other bloggers were there last night, including Jennifer from Little Shelf. I didn't get to see any of them though, but if you were there last night and I missed you, feel free to tell me about your experience! This was such a fun event and if Cassandra and Holly are stopping by your area you should definitely go. Click here for their tour schedule.


  1. Yay! I'm really glad you blogged about it! :)

    Yeah, I'm writing my own thing about it right now. I'll probably publish it tomorrow because I want to take some pictures of the books and stuff to go along with it. I forgot my camera (I don't know what i was thinking!), so I don't have any pictures from the actual event. I didn't get to hear the reading and Q&A either, so don't feel so bad.

    I totally would have walked up to the wrong person! LOL. There were several girls there who looked similar to your profile picture. Are you going to go to the Dark Days of Summer in June? If so, we can meet each other!

    I love that little vampire guy! How cute!

    Jennifer of Little Shelf

  2. Wow! What a great experience! I am to the signing on Monday and it's my very first one, too! I can't wait!! :)


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