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Review: White Cat by Holly Black

Monday, March 21, 2011
White Cat by Holly Black

Publisher: McElderry Books
Release Date: May 4, 2010
Paperbacks: 310 pages
Series: Curse Workers #1

Cassel comes from a family of curse workers — people who have the power to change your emotions, your memories, your luck, by the slightest touch of their hands. And since curse work is illegal, they're all mobsters, or con artists. Except for Cassel. He hasn't got the magic touch, so he's an outsider, the straight kid in a crooked family. You just have to ignore one small detail — he killed his best friend, Lila, three years ago.

Ever since, Cassel has carefully built up a façade of normalcy, blending into the crowd. But his façade starts crumbling when he starts sleepwalking, propelled into the night by terrifying dreams about a white cat that wants to tell him something. He's noticing other disturbing things, too, including the strange behavior of his two brothers. They are keeping secrets from him, caught up in a mysterious plot. As Cassel begins to suspect he's part of a huge con game, he also wonders what really happened to Lila. Could she still be alive? To find that out, Cassel will have to out-con the conmen.

My Review:

Holly Black's White Cat is a dark fantasy that sucks you into a world of magic and cons. The story really got my attention from the first sentence in the book, "I wake up barefoot, standing on cold slate tiles." How could I possibly put a book down after an opening like this? I was never able to set this book down after that. There were so many pieces of the story that couldn't be pieced together. Whenever I felt like I finally understood the con I turn the page and everything I thought I knew changes.

The book is told from Cassel's point of view, a character that can con his way into anything. He's really one big mystery that keeps things interesting. The characters in the story are all connected in a way that's quite odd but just adds more to the story. Each character is like a "one and only" kind of character. They are told so well that their personalities are so distinguish. I really enjoyed seeing how they all connected with each other the most.

I've read a lot of reviews talking about this dark new original world that Holly made, but I wasn't sure what I would be getting into. Now I finally understand this dark, dangerous, and mysterious world. It seems so natural and fluid that if I walked outside I would have thought I was there. The whole book is really original. From the setting, to the characters, and plot. I'm now a new Holly Black fan! I can't wait for the sequel Red Glove, which will be hitting stores April 5, 2011.

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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  1. Girl, you read a lot! You've only been up since february and the list of books you reviewed is up there. Way to go! I have read "White Cat" and it happens to be my favorite from Mrs. Black. I really enjoyed the world she created. The fact that you gave it 4.5 stars makes me really trust your judgement now ;)


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